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Established in 1968, the Queensland Law Reform Commission has played an important role in shaping the development of laws in Queensland.

The commission reviews have covered a range of technical legal, social justice, and justice-related issues, some landmark reforms to Queensland laws.

And, these include the laws relating to trust and trustees, property law, succession law, and the administration of Estates of Deceased People, bail law, decision-making for adults with impaired capacity and, most recently, termination of pregnancy and voluntary assisted dying.

These reforms have had an important impact on the lives of Queensland people. The Commission's a unique place to work because it is an independent statutory body.

And, having the opportunity to do those things has been very rewarding. And it's what keeps me working here year after year.

Having an opportunity to work with the Queensland Law Reform Commission means that I'm able to understand deeply particular laws that have, at times, great impact on everyday community members within Queensland.

And, being able to understand how those laws impact them, and ways in which they could be improved from those who are impacted by the laws, brings great satisfaction in having an ability to change the way in which the laws impact the Queensland community.

I would say: ‘go for it’ if the opportunity arises. If you enjoy legal research, legal writing, it's a really great opportunity to combine those skills in a focused way, as well as engaging members of the public if you like the humanised side of the law.

It's a really excellent culture here at the Queensland Law Reform Commission. Everyone is so friendly, great at their jobs, very knowledgeable.

It's a joy coming to work every day.

Erica Wilkinson: So, we've just created a new logo and doing some rebranding now. And that's because we've been around for over half a century. But, we wanted to refresh and show that we're a future-focused organisation − with our new logo and branding.

Dayne Kingsford: The new logo can represent 2 things. First, is an open book, that being that we have commitment to transparency and independence. The second is the pages are opening and moving forward, representing us as a progressive organisation.

Kathleen Melton: Queensland Law Reform is a longstanding organisation. The rebranding symbolises that we're taking a progressive and innovative approach to law reform.

Dayne Kingsford: I really like the colours, the shape, and that it represents us as an organisation moving forward.