Commission Chair Fleur Kingham was awarded the Eminent Environmental Lawyer Award for Excellence by the Law Council of Australia. Read Chair Kingham's speech (PDF, 218.0 KB).

QLRC Deputy-Chair His Hon Judge Anthony Rafter presented a keynote address at the 2024 Global Domestic Violence Conference.

QLRC Chair Fleur Kingham was the keynote speaker at the inaugural Meeting of the Mines - Cloncurry conference.

Principal Legal Officer Emma Phillips travelled to north Queensland and gave a presentation, including a Q&A, about the mining lease objections review.

The Chair and the Executive Director presented at the Land Court and Referring Agencies annual conference, explaining where the review was at and how different departments can participate in the process.

The QLRC held a Launch Event at Customs House in collaboration with SMI (UQ). Nearly 150 attendees participated (both in person and online) at the launch of the review of mining lease objections processes. The event featured healthy discussion on mining leases, which will inform the review. This lunchtime event also gave the audience a sneak preview of the Commission's new logo and branding.

Fleur Kingham Chaired the event alongside 4 panellists – Barrister Avelina Tarrago, SMI Professor Deanna Kemp, Acting Chair of Queensland Law Society's Energy and Resources Policy Committee Melanie Findlay, and Resource Economist John Rolfe.

The Chair and the Executive Director presented at the AHR forum, introducing the QLRC and providing an overview of the Mining Objections Review.

The Chair provided a summary of Queensland’s complex and often uncertain mining objections process, before announcing the Commission’s review scheduled to commence on 5 June 2023. In her presentation, the Chair made clear that the mining objections review would be outward facing, with multiple stages and opportunities for consultation with stakeholders and community groups.

Paula Rogers, Legal Officer, The criminal jury and law reform (PPT, 431.5 KB), presented  at the Conference in Sydney.

Justice Roslyn Atkinson, Chairperson, provided the lecture Juries in the 21st Century: making the bulwark better (PDF, 57.0 KB),.

Justice Roslyn Atkinson, Chairperson launched the discussion paper with a public lecture (PDF, 35.9 KB) in the Banco Court, Brisbane.

Justice Roslyn Atkinson, Chairperson, presented on law reform and community participation (PDF, 113.9 KB).

Ms Heather Douglas, Part-time Member, Queensland Law Reform Commission presented on personal protection and the law (PPS, 954.0 KB).

Justice Roslyn Atkinson, Chairperson, presented on access to justice (PDF, 85.0 KB).