Review publications

Background Papers

Background paper - Review of particular criminal defences: Our terms of reference (PDF, 502.4 KB)

On 27 November 2023, we released the first of a series of Background Papers.

In addition to the Background Paper, the Commission also released a companion document (PDF, 672.8 KB) which contains:

  • a series of fact sheets on each of the defences under review,
  • a comparative table examining the scope of such defences in other jurisdictions, and
  • a guide to legislative changes to the defences since the adoption of the Criminal Code in 1901.

The documents can also be downloaded separately:

Consultation Paper

We will release a Consultation Paper in late 2024.

Final Report

Our Final Report is due to the Attorney-General on 1 December 2025. Once tabled in parliament it will be available for download here.