Workplace surveillance review

On 24 July 2018, the Attorney-General asked us to review ‘the issue of privacy protections for workers in the context of current and emerging surveillance devices in workplaces’.

This review has been overtaken by new references and other events and is currently on hold.

Terms of Reference

The Commission received Terms of Reference   (PDF, 55.7 KB) from the Attorney-General on 24 July 2018.

The terms of reference require the Commission to have regard to the findings from our review of civil surveillance and privacy. Our report on civil surveillance and privacy was completed in 2020. In it we made several recommendations for legislative change, including changes to provide avenues for resolving complaints and disputes. Depending on the nature and scope of reforms at both a state and federal level, the scope for new Queensland laws specifically about workplace surveillance may be reduced. Any new state or federal civil surveillance laws will affect the content of any state workplace surveillance laws.