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Constitution of the commission

The Queensland Law Reform Commission is an independent statutory body which is established under the Law Reform Commission Act 1968.

Function of the Commission

The Commission's general function, as provided under the Law Reform Commission Act 1968, is to review the law applicable to Queensland with a view to its systematic development and reform. Under the Act, a law reform review may be specifically referred to the Commission by the Attorney-General or form part of a program of law reform reviews approved by the Attorney-General.

Commission members

Members of the Commission are appointed by the Governor in Council on the advice of the Attorney-General. The Law Reform Commission Act 1968 provides that the Commission must consist of at least three members, who may be full-time or part-time members. Each person appointed to be a Commission member must be a person appearing to the Governor in Council to be suitably qualified by the holding of judicial office or by experience as a barrister or as a solicitor or as a teacher of law in a University.

The Commission currently consists of five part-time members (including the Chairperson). For information about the current Commission members click here.


The Secretariat's usual establishment consists of the Director, the Assistant Director, two Legal Officers, the Commission Secretary and one Administrative Officer. From time to time, the Commission is funded to employ additional staff, on a temporary basis, for a particular review.

The staff of the Secretariat, together with the full-time member, have the day to day responsibility for the carriage of the Commission's reviews. The Secretariat also provides the Commission with administrative and secretarial support. This includes the management of all corporate governance, human resources and financial matters for the Commission.

The work of the Commission

For information about the Commission's current reviews click here.

For information about the Commission's recently completed reviews click here.

Location and contact

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