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The Queensland Law Reform Commission is an independent statutory body which is established under the Law Reform Commission Act 1968.


The function of the Queensland Law Reform Commission, as provided in the Law Reform Commission Act 1968, is to keep under review the law applicable to Queensland with a view to its systematic development and reform having regard to its codification, the elimination of anomalies and of obsolete and unnecessary enactments, the reduction of the number of separate enactments, and generally the simplification and modernisation of the law.

The  Commission’s role is limited to reviewing particular areas of Queensland law referred to it by the Attorney-General at any given time.  The Commission does not offer legal advice.  It cannot handle complaints about the legal system generally or about members of the legal profession.

Organisational objectives

The Commission aims to meet the needs of the Queensland community by reviewing areas of the law in need of reform, and making recommendations for reform. These recommendations are based on extensive research, public consultation, and the principles of impartiality, equity and social justice. The Commission’s recommendations are published in its final Reports, which are presented to the Attorney-General for tabling in Parliament in accordance with the requirements of section 16 of the Law Reform Commission Act 1968.

Feedback and complaints

The Commission values your feedback and encourages your comments, including complaints about our procedures, practices or policies. We are committed to resolving your complaints quickly, fairly and professionally.

Our resolving your complaint section will guide you through how we manage complaints.

Common concerns or complaints that we cannot help with

As noted above, the Commission cannot offer legal advice or intervene in legal matters.

For information about obtaining legal advice, please contact Legal Aid Queensland,  LawRight or the Queensland Law Society referral service.

For complaints about lawyers and law firms (including legal costs), please contact the Legal Services Commission.